Farmhouse Fest

A one-day Vancouver farmhouse ale festival, set on an actual farm. Over 100 beers pouring to a crowd of 1,000 people.

Contribution: Founder, Organizer, Website

The Story

Similar to the motives behind creating Style & Class, myself and a team of co-organizers felt a need for a Vancouver beer event that would fill a hole in the local beer scene.

We wanted to create an event that would focus on one style of beer, farmhouse ales (think saisons, wild ales, sour beers, and wild ciders), and cultivate an atmosphere that would focus on experience over profits. We consciously chose to avoid everything we don’t like about other beer festivals, which meant making decisions to avoid crowding people into every last space, prevent long lines, and ensure the servers could tell attendees about the beer they were pouring.

The first event ran June 27th, 2015. We invited 15 local breweries and 8 importers to represent 80+ different beers and ciders, many being special imports not available elsewhere, debuts of new limited beers, or beers created specifically for our event.

Despite a slightly higher-than-normal price tag for Vancouver, we managed to sell out a month prior to the event, bringing a crowd of 800 people out to the UBC Farm, and get an overwhelmingly positive response online and in our attendee survey.

Are we going to do it again? We did.

Photos by Jonathan Evans