An influential weblog that analyzed all things web during a pivotal period in the development of web design.

Contribution: Creator, Author

The Story

mezzoblue was a weblog about web design & development from 2002 until 2011, well-read — and allegedly well-respected — by peers in the industry.

Starting life in 2001 as a confused portfolio site, remnants of which still exist, it soon transitioned to an industry publication where it found its voice.

While an outlet for just one person’s writing, the fact that blog comments were still a viable thing during its peak years made mezzoblue a destination and a discussion point for those building the web. I’m well aware that this site benefited from the halo effect of another project, but over a five year period I published frequently enough that it built its own following.

mezzoblue underwent multiple redesigns during its life until the current, and likely final version. This was a time when the personal site was a proving ground, a way to take new front end tech for a test drive while trying to figure out what you might actually use it for.

Some notable articles published during its life are below. The dates are often as important as the content, as the historical context affects their significance today.

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